A Rollercoaster Week

Beware….this is insanely long. But make it to the end. I promise its worth it. Where do I begin? This has been one of those Neverending Rollercoaster weeks.

Last weekend was great. Watched the Ducks game, went to the mall, got caught up on all the chores around the house, kids had a blast at gymnastics.

The first Rollercoaster event was some stuff that transpired at the husband’s work with one o f his coworkers, not his fault and he is still employed, but it threw us for a loop for a couple days while my awesome husband worked 2 doubles 2 days in a row.

And then Monday….the transient came back. My neighbor and I called the cops and you all know how that ended up. He offered me money to come down and look for his phone on our property. I politely declined.

Monday night, you also know how that turned out…cops had to be called, paths were found.

And then Tuesday, took lil’ miss to her first day of school, I had a mini panic attack for the unknown of next year. And then the Mr. Man and I had 90 mins at home to cook dinner before picking up lil’ miss from SOR……I then spent 3hrs waiting for help, only to find out that night that my tire did in fact get slashed…in broad daylight, while I was home. And then we discovered our backyard looks totally different from 3 months ago without our help.

Then come Wed, I went to a Dr appt for my hand, I have to wear a brace as close to 24hrs a day as possible for a month so my tendons can heal. I got home, we went on an adventure….and we found some walking paths leading straight to our backyard. Oh and there was a snafu at lil’ miss’ school, someone forced her on to the bus but thru her tears and sobs, she confidently told the bus driver and that lady that she does NOT go on the bus, she goes to SOR. The lady believed her (which I’m proud of, but different can of worms). So proud of her.

On Thursday, we dropped our Mr. Man off at his last first day of prek. Which hit me right in the feels. Before we dropped him off, we went on an adventure and hiked one of the Jackson Bottom Wetlands trails that is literally about 10 to 15ft from our property line…and l saw more foot trails leading up our way….

But last night and this morning takes the cake. I posted the same picture of Mr. Man in his dress at school on my Portland Autism Mom’s fb group….and it exploded overnight. That picture got 90 likes and about 40 comments. And then I posted at like 530am about some stuff on my mind about posting that photo…and it exploded to over 130 likes and 60plus comments…all positive and supportive. Some called me a hero, an inspiration, that I was changing the world…..I feel like I’m in a dream!

Before the new me, even 3 months ago, this week would have set me so far back emotionally. I would have crumbled and found a nice hole. I would have probably let it out on my kids. I would have given up. But this new me….I fought hard to find the silver linings. And I sure did.

My husband taught me how to change my very first tire. And I fell more madly in love with him as I watched him protect our land and worry about me and the kids and my family.

I got 3 free kid hours while I sat on the side of the road. I watched Netflix and my new me was truly tested….I passed btw.

I learned that my kids are sensitive but oh so damn resiliant.

I learned that I will never consider myself to be a hero, but support and love comes from so many places. We are never alone in this battle called life. We just have to have hope.

And now….I am finally dedicated to take charge of my physical well being. My new emotional well being was thoroughly tested every which way, and I am so proud of myself, of my little family. We just have to keep fighting and always have hope.

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