The Letter that Showed me Hope

*Edited to add that this encounter happened after one of the most hurtful interactions between my husband and I. We have never had that, in all the years we have been together. So this letter – meant more to me than anything at that moment. My soul needed her. And she was there.


We went to the old Bayfront in Newport today and we walked by this lady sitting down with her typewriter. We kept on walking. We ate lunch. And then we walked right by her again.

But I stopped. And I turned around. And I gave her my chosen topic: Hope & World Love.

While she was typing away, I asked her some questions. I was curious. She has made a living for the past 18 months writing poems for people. She doesn’t keep any copies. Each one is unique. She hasn’t published anything. She said there are poets for hire all over the nation.she said she releases her words to the universe to share the messages.

I am glad I stopped. It was a rough morning. But all we need is hope.

I wish I asked her name.

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