Culture Camp 2016

This was the first time in 10+ years that my husband and I have been able to go to Culture Camp. Don’t know why it’s in the middle of the week, but it is. I have always heard that it’s 3 days of making crafts and learning about the history of the Siletz tribe. And I am so happy we were finally able to go. Passing along these traditions, and making sure our children know their heritage, is my lifelong goal.

We fished. We played. We laughed. We shared family stories. We made necklaces, drum sticks, moccasins, and baskets. We cleaned fish, we learned about eels, and we tried a BBQ oyster.

We woke up with the sun, and went to bed as the moon reached its peak.

We splashed in the water, we flung wet sand, we wiggled our toes as we sank into the earth. We ran away from the waves and we tiptoed back into the chilly salt water.

We had sensory meltdowns and proud sibling bonding moments.

We spent rare time together as a family. Getting stretched thin, but never letting it rip us apart. The kids cried a few times. The Husband and I rolled our eyes a few times. The kids gained some independence. The husband and I gained a few more gray hairs.

We went on little adventures, finding trails, side streets, and pokemon. We were a husband and a wife on a pokemon mission.

We got sand in our britches, needle pokes in our fingers, wisdom in our souls, and love in our hearts.

What more could you want? Family, laughter, adventure, cranky kids and a whole lotta love is how this Steele family roll.

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