It’s scary. It’s unknown. It’s the monster in the closet; waiting for you to go to sleep.

It’s hard. It’s uncomfortable. It’s the darkness at midnight when there is no moon; only your deepest thoughts to keep you company.

It’s not terminal. It’s not curable. It’s the windy scenic route on a dense, foggy day; a white knuckle drive.

It’s a test. It’s a bond breaker – or maker. It’s a fight whose outcome relies on the journey to the top; not just a single buzzer.

Dementia. It is our journey. It is our new fork in the road. It is our next adventure to explore.

Dementia. It will make our hearts weak. Our minds resilient. Our souls brave. Our relationships unbreakable. Our love….strong.

We are in this together. You. Me. Him. Dementia will not define us. We will define it.

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