It all evens out in the end

SPD: -1 point for giving up and melting down. +1 point for using his words and telling me when he was ready for bed (the little things get big points)

Unconfirmed anxiety:+.5 point for trying to help her brother during his meltdown (which caused her to have a freak out bc he didn’t want her help) -.5 point (she used her words to describe her feelings….and walked away. So only half a point for her)

Mom: -.5 point (for spilling half my wine cooler after the spd meltdown and before the anxiety meltdown (?) Still figuring that one out. Could have been a full point but I missed Mr. Man’s lovey and baby by an inch).
Mom: +.5 point (for getting Mr. Man to stop banging his head on the porch and use his words to ask for help)
Mom: -1000 points (2 seconds after I told lil’ miss to get off the swing and take her dishes inside, and then turned around to go inside…she fell backwards off the swing)
Mom: +1000 points (for cuddling with lil miss on her bed and crying with her as we talked all about how much she loves her daddy, rubbing her back to help her fall asleep)

See…it all evens out in the end. Just gotta have patience, strength, hope…and a whole Lotta love. A whole. Lotta. Love.

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