808. 8:08. 8:08am. 8:08pm.
An 808 address.
An 808 phone number.
An 808 password.
An 808 license plate

8: wealth and abundance, inner-wisdom, ambition, discipline, potential, karma, patience
0: Universal Energies


Only a couple of people know my attachment to the number 808. And even those people may not understand what it truly means to me.

The number 808, or 8, or 0, are not my favorite numbers. But when I was in a dark place, I would always – whether it was due to fate or chance I am not sure – but I would always look at the clock and and it would be 808am, or 808 pm. At first it happened 1 day, then 5 days, then 2 weeks, and then an entire month. Every morning. Every night. It was not until that month end, that I made a spiritual connection. And even then, the connection was hard realized.

I was going thru a rough time. My family life was imploding. My financials were imploding. My outlook for the future was nearly non-existent. I had lost my hope. A hope that I was known to hold on to. In my darkest of times, I needed my grandma. I needed my anchor.

My Grandmother passed away the day after Easter in 2010. April 6th, 2010. That day, that day changed my entire future. She was my anchor. I knew that no matter what, she had the words that I needed to hear. She had the wisdom, the guidance, the understanding that I so desperately needed.

Eventually, 808 was just another time that showed up on my clock. Day in, day out, it was there. It was a constant daily reminder for awhile. That yet another day has passed, yet hope was fading. But then it disappeared. And it was only then that I realized I took 808 for granted. In some strange way, when I became numb to it, is when I needed it the most. It calmed me. It reassured me. That I am not alone. That I may be struggling, but for some odd reason, something, someone was looking out for me. The presence of that number, centered me. If even for a split second in time.

And that is when, whether it was a conscious and deliberate decision or not, 808 became my symbol for hope. Each and every time I saw that number, whether it be on the clock, on the TV, on a car license plate, in a random string of numbers – 808 was my grandmother. Showing me that she was surrounding me. Reassuring me that I know my way forward, even if I do not recognize it now. That even though she is physically gone and I cannot physically feel my anchor, hug her, talk to her, hear her calming words, her anchor is still guiding me.

So what is the connection between 808 and this SPD journey we are on?

On October 1st, I did not have a chance to sit down until late that night. At which time, I felt this insane relaxation spread throughout my body. A relaxation that is so calming, its meditative. And then I looked at my watch. It was 808pm.

On one of the most terrifying days of my life, at the start of one of the largest, unending roller coasters that I had just strapped myself into, my guardian angel anchor was there. To remind me that the future is going to be OK. The signs are there, I just need to be proactive and search for them. Reach for them. Because my son needs me. I need me.

808: impending endings have a purpose. Guardian angels ease fears/worries about upcoming changes. And in hindsight – the changes are necessary, positive, beneficial (http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/2011/12/angel-number-808.html).

808: The Universe and guardian angels will always support you, but it is one’s own responsibility to ensure proper work and effort (http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.com/2011/12/angel-number-808.html).


We all need our anchors. In one form or another.

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