Foggy Road

This morning, was just like every other morning. Since the end of May, beginning of June, 5 days a week, I wake up at 420am and mostly asleep, I somehow get myself dressed, downstairs, refill my water bottle, grab my keys, put on my glasses, and I slowly scoot out the door. 5 days a […]


This has nothing to do with my son. Well, metaphorically speaking, it does. I mean, on Oct 1st, my vision of just a normal average son died, but that gave birth to my new vision of a beautiful, extraordinary boy. A new vision of a new future of a son that has opened my understanding […]

808. Proof?

3 days ago, I wrote down my deepest secret that I hold close. I kept it hidden, buried, so as to not sound crazy. Insane even. Feeling inexplicably comforted and at ease when seeing a certain number? Not crazy at all. Nope. So fast forward to today. This morning. At job#1, I only look at […]


New beginnings. New life. New paths. New Routines. New behaviors. New changes. New. In order for anything to exist, it must begin. In order for anything to survive, it must adapt. In order for anything to avoid extinction, it must change. But when something does cease, new beginnings occur. Life renews. Renewed energies. Renewed loves. […]


808. 8:08. 8:08am. 8:08pm. An 808 address. An 808 phone number. An 808 password. An 808 license plate 808. 8: wealth and abundance, inner-wisdom, ambition, discipline, potential, karma, patience 0: Universal Energies 808.